Ramblers provides activities all year round - Harriers in Winter (April to October) and Track and Field in Summer.

We have members of all ages and abilities. Generally we would say that if a child is old enough to manage a 2km run comfortably, they are old enough for harriers. At the other end of the scale we have members well into their 70's and 80's. Perhaps the biggest fallacy we would like to correct is that harriers is for fast runners. True, some fast runners do take part, but the majority of our members are very ordinary people, running at ordinary paces. We believe the clubs activities are particularly suited to family groups.

Subscriptions should be paid before you first compete at an Athletics Waikato BOP meeting or Open event.

The registration year is from 1 April - 31 March.

What do you get for your money?

  • Up to 12 months membership of the club
  • Registration to Athletics New Zealand
  • Participation in most local events at no extra cost
  • Weekly updates on club activities
  • Opportunity to win a variety of trophies and prizes (Championship and Handicap)
  • Opportunity to obtain quality coaching advice
  • Opportunity to obtain travel subsidies when competing in some specific out of town events
  • Opportunity to train and race with others of similar abilities

Grade Full Sub
7-14 Competitive $77.00
15-17 Competitive $105.00
18-19 Competitive $120.00
Senior Competitive $138.00
Masters Competitive $138.00

Memberships are managed by IMG Member Management


  • Grade is determined by age as at 31st December except for Masters when actual date of birth applies.
  • Family Discount (3 or more) - 15 % off club portion of subscription.
  • Associate membership is open to fully paid up members of other clubs and centres.

The full subscription includes the Athletics Waikato-BOP Levy and Athletics New Zealand Levy, allowing members to compete as fully registered athletes in both open and championship events, including the New Zealand Championships.

Members should note that the club sub applies from April through to March. Those members wishing to compete year-round get greater value for money if they join the club in April.


Members are required to wear their club uniform at all interclub events, Waikato BOP Champs, North Island and New Zealand Champs unless required to wear a Waikato BOP uniform. It is also encouraged to wear the club uniform at club events.

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